Название компании ASUMA
Адрес Vasario 16-osios, 27-432 
Почтовый индекс LT-35185 
Город PANEVEZYS  Показать на карте
Регион Panevezio Apskritis 
Страна ЛИТВА 
Телефон +37068948001 
Сертификация EKOAGROS - Компании сертифицированы EKOAGROS (8
Сертификат компании Срок действия сертификата (ДД/ММ/ГГГГ): 00.00.0000 Показать
Registration No. SR-KA-19-00871
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Ярлык EKO 
Площадь участка 1500 
Контактное лицо г-н Svajunas Knizikewichus 
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Описание деятельности компании  
Closed Limited Company “Asuma” was established in 2009, reorganized into grain, fertilizer, animal feed trade in 2015 and can boost about good sales results and increasing trade turnover each year. The company increased its authorized capital three times per 4 short years. We offer a wide range of products for crop and livestock farms, as well as for individual consumers. We sell fertilizers, seeds and grain crops for local and foreign markets.The company is a part of “Asuma” Group, which is made up from several Agro business companies in Europe and Lithuania, and our common goal is to provide quality services in grain (buying and selling), fertilizer and seed trade.The company strives to make quick decisions, work professionally and respond quickly to market ups and downs. The company’s friendly and professional team is ready to cooperate with farmers, cooperatives and other companies in a qualitative, fast and efficient way.The company makes great efforts to maintain, transport and use quality organic products. We maintain strict standards for ISCC and EKOagros certificates. 

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