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The company is specialized in production, storage, packaging, processing and trading of honey and bee products: royal jelly, bee pollen, propolis, beeswax; production and trading of different types of bee food and beekeeping equipment.

Royal Bees offers pure, natural Bulgarian honey, which is distinguished as one of the best quality European honeys, of which is defining the unique geographical location of our country and the rich plant species with which are known the Balkans.

Our factory is certified by HACCP system for production and processing of honey and bee products. There we also package royal jelly, process propolis powder, propolis tincture, dry and package bee pollen in standard and individual packages on request of our customers. We have our own certified warehouse for storing bee products, as part of our company bases.

We are specialized in selecting only the finest honey, divide it by different types, make analysis of each quantity, to be able to provide exclusive and safe product to our customers "ROYAL BEES" EOOD offers raw honey (directly from the beekeeper) and processed honey (homogenized and filtered honey). The capacity of our factory is 20 tons of honey and bee products per day, offered in a wide range of packages: metal cans (metal tins), drums, plastic buckets and a variety of consumer packages: different kinds of jars and hotel packages.

The types of honey we produce and select is determined by season: spring honey, summer honey; by seasonal flowering plant species: acacia honey, linden honey, sunflower honey, herbal honey, honeydew honey (forest honey), thyme honey, lavender honey, chestnut honey, clover honey, mountain honey, meadow honey, coriander honey, thistle honey, rape honey, polyfloral honey and others.

We can also offer organic honey and organic bee products to our customers, produced in certified organic apiaries in strict compliance with a number of requirements under Council Regulation (EC) 834/2007 and Commission Regulation (EC) 889/2008.

"ROYAL BEES" EOOD has family tradition in beekeeping since 1909. As a professional beekeeping farm we can offer one of the best royal jelly in the world. "ROYAL BEES" Bee Farm is located in extremely pure mountain area of Bulgaria, rich of unique plant species, without any industrial production sites nearby. Besides honey and bee pollen, we produce royal jelly with one of the highest possible content of the unique natural unsaturated fatty acid 10-HDA - 2,86% / Crop 2017/.

All products presented in our catalog can be produced under private brand (individual labels under own brand, Private Label). Under Private Label, we are a supplier of a number of major European companies.

"ROYAL BEES" EOOD exports its products for countries of Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa and others. 

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